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Galápagos Island Tours Endemic Species

Galápagos truly is “One-Of-A-Kind”. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, there is nowhere else in the world to view so many different species as you will find in the Galápagos Islands which is located approximately 600 miles off of the coast of Ecuador.

Reptiles On Your Galapagos Cruise Vacation

Galápagos is famous for giant tortoises but it has a variety of other interesting reptiles including the land and seas iguanas, the green sea turtle, lava lizards, geckos and three species of snake.

Galapagos Islands Vacation Birds

Visitors to Galápagos will see thousands of birds but very few of them are considered land birds. The islands have only 29 resident species of land birds and 22 of these are endemic which leave the rest of the species as coastal or migrant birds.

Extinct Galapagos Tortoise Species Found

Researchers in the Galapagos recently found survivors of a species of a giant Galapagos tortoise thought to have become extinct back in the 1840’s. The researchers found close to 100 tortoises that are the direct offspring on Floreana Island that were thought to have disappeared in the early 1800’s by DNA testing of over 1,600 tortoises.

Galápagos Giant Tortoise

The Galápagos are known for their giant tortoises which are the largest known in the world, along with the the Aldabra tortoise of the Seychelles, with some weighing 250 kg and measuring 150cm over the curve of the shell.

Galapagos Cruise Vacation Finches and Blue Footed Boobies

None of the land birds of the Galápagos are known for their brilliant color like some species of birds but what makes them identifiable is their beaks. As Darwin discovered during his first trip to Galápagos the finches were all approximately the same size and the colors were somewhat the same but what made some of them different was the beak.

Galápagos Island Cruise Honeymoon

Start a life together by spending your honeymoon in the Galápagos Islands, a vacation with a perfect atmosphere for romance. Picture an exotic location, moonlit cruises, dramatic sunsets, colorful wildlife, picturesque landscape, outstanding facilities, service, cuisine and and you have the Galápagos.

Galápagos Island Tour Water Temperatures

Because the Galápagos Islands have a confluent of seven different sea currents the temperature of the waters will vary by as much as 20 degrees, depending on the time of the year. At times a websuit is required, especially in the June-December timeframe.

Galápagos Island Cruise Vacation National Park Rules

Take nothing but pictures, Leave nothing but footprints. One of the reasons that Galápagos retains its pristine surroundings is the dedicated efforts of the Galápagos National Park Service.

Galápagos Islands Travel

In travelling to the Galápagos you are required to carry your passport. As with any international destination, your passport must not be set to expire within 6 months of the date that you take the last leg home on your international flight.

Galápagos Islands Travel Packing Checklist

Here is a list of essentials you’ll need to take with you for your Galápagos adventure: Medicine, do not put any daily prescriptions required in a bag that you intend to check. Place your prescriptions in your carry-on bag.